All Materials for Your Foundry

In our product range you can find most raw materials and other products needed for the foundry industry: Inoculants, refractory materials, sand binders and coatings. We also provide our customers with chromite sand, feeders, ceramic filters and many other essential products. In collecting our product range we have paid attention to how well the products suit the needs of our customers, the quality of the products, a competitive pricing and delivery performance. Our experts will help you by choosing the optimal product, in starting to use new products and in identifying and solving possible problems. Our expertise together with products that are selected to match the needs of our customers’ processes, help minimizing casting defects and increasing productivity.

Representation of the Leading European Manufacturers of Foundry Machinery

We have carefully selected our machine suppliers. We have highlighted the functionality and quality of the machines and also how they match the specific needs of Finnish foundries. The R&D activity and the longevity of our suppliers are important considerations when choosing our partners. Our program includes scrap charging and preheating systems, induction furnaces for different metals, ladles, sand mixers, moulding lines, shake-out stations, crushers, pneumatic conveyors, coating stations and devices for mould handling.

Increased Productivity by Innovative Solutions

Our passion is to solve demanding challenges in the production process by developing holistic solutions. An example of such solutions is the planning and realizing of flexible production lines for short series of resin bonded moulds, different solutions for powerful sand reclamation and optimizing the pneumatical conveying of sand. The planning is always done in close cooperation with our customers and our suppliers. In the solutions we provide, we always use the machines that are most suitable to our customers’ needs – using machinery from different suppliers if required. The outcome is a solution that perfectly matches the production processes of the foundry, it is also productive and safe for the workers.